Sunday, 30 May 2010

Been keeping busy

Well things have been hectic, so not much time for serious additions to my blog. There are new ideas on the horizon but as with most things they take me far longer to realise than I would have hoped.

At the moment I have numerous gallery orders to fulfil as well as new outlets that have been in contact and want to sell my work. This is all wonderful stuff but it means more time making and less time experimenting and developing.

Although much of what I make evolves in my mind from looking at reference and building up the foundation of the piece until I am happy. Then I just go out and make it knowing that it is probable that the techniques required to get to the end result will have to be refined. It is normally this that takes me the time and not coming up with the ideas in the first place.

On top of making new items, I have been teaching, demonstrating and writing articles, all of which I enjoy very much. Having numerous strings to my bow so to speak enables me to keep a fresh mind but also to meet and keep in contact with other creative and enthusiastic people.

Oh yes and my second DVD will be out soon "What a Relief". But more about that nearer the time.

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