Tuesday, 7 February 2012


There is something about spirals and movement that intrigues me, whether it is the way in which I get drawn into them wondering what exists where the eye not see I don't know, but I keep returning to them as a form of exploration. Probably it is down to my eclectic taste and short attention span of any one thing,

Anyway, here are a few more spiral pictures I have been working on of the same form with differing light filters. Produced for no other reason that as I say to explore my mind, and well, mainly because I like them. :-)


Lee Robert Sneddon said...

Hi Mark,

Spirals are indeed a fascinating thing.

Especially those found in nature and those which help to underpin certain mathematical theories.

You may like to checkout Fractals. You will find lots of images on the web and indeed many of them have the spiral as a central element to their design.

Nice images btw, I'm sure if you stick with the software you'll be able to come up with superb designs, they may help to lay the foundation for some future work.

Hope you are still tinkering with the carved sculpture, enjoying the process on that one very much mate.



Mark said...

Hi Lee

As you say spirals are interesting especially in nature.

Thank you for your interest and time commenting.