Monday, 22 July 2013

Neglect and new work

My blog has been neglected for twitter as there I can not write so much :-) so tweeting is a much more efficient process.

The sculptures that I mentioned some time ago were in danger of not making it to reality until next year as work is so hectic, with so many deadlines and orders that for the first time I do not know where to turn or what to do first.

Yes I have the usual ' jobs to do' list with priorities, but then the phone goes or I get more emails. This is something that while I am feeling the strain of lately I am happy to have it this way around as opposed to not having any work, it just means blogs etc have to take a back seat.

The final pictures from the collaboration I will get around to posting I promise :-), but here I wanted to post one of the first of the sculptures that I have designed, and which I mentioned some six months ago.

This one is a marquette to test tooling and processes in the solid as opposed to in my head. Mostly it has progressed with few unforeseen problems and I am pleased with the result.

This sculpture is the most simple of the designs and I decided to start with this one as it takes awhile for me to get my mind into working differently than when turning in the round. Having said that, this form is also shaped/carved and then finished, so the lathe again is used only as a part process to give the flowing lines and curves for me to work from.

The finish is simply acrylic white spray as currently with this series I am interested in form with the exclusion of any distraction from grain or wood colour.

The piece itself is oval and stands approx 300mm high including the plinth. The main sculpture I am aiming for around a meter high, but that will bring into the equations different issues with relation to weight and the amount of free air I am cutting on the lathe and may require a different approach.


G.Watkins said...

great work Mark

Mark said...

Thanks George, much appreciated. I am onto the next design already.