Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Turning hollow forms 'My First Book' !!

Little did I know when I started turning that I would pursue the craft for a living, let alone write a book on my passion of turning hollow forms. 

To say I am filled with pride is an understatement, not only because of the achievement of having a book in print, but also of the content.

Central to my ethos in working and indeed in writing this book, is a desire to keep it simple and practical. My intention in the book, which can be preordered from the links below, is to take the reader/turner through the whole process from tree/log to finished form, including;

Workshop set up and lathes.

Hollowing tools, how to choose and use them.

What to look for in a section of trunk or branch wood.

How to process for best results.

How to orientate for cross grain, end grain, seasoned and unseasoned forms. 

Form and design as a guide for further investigation.

How to season successfully, using simple low cost methods.

A practical working section on wood technology, stripping away all but what is needed by the turner for success in hollow form turning.

7 progressive projects taking the reader through the various disciplines from an open end grain vessel to an unseasoned thin walled hollow form with small opening.

The result I am very proud of and am confident it will be a great addition for anyone wishing to start out in turning hollow forms. Why ?, well all of the information in the book is what I use on a daily basis, so I know it is tried and tested to be simple and effective. 

Pre Order below. 



George Foweraker said...

very well done Mark it is a hell of an achievement and I am sure it will be a hit.
Mine is on order

Mark said...

Thank you George, there has been quite a lot of interest in it already. So fingers crossed. I have to get on and start writing the next one now.

Philip Greenwood said...

I am ordering mine as well. Thanks Mark

Mark said...

Hi Philip

Thank you, I hope you will enjoy it and thank you for the support. I am starting to get nervous now as it will be out in March and while it is a while yet, it will soon come round quickly and I haven't had my hard copy yet,so still don't know what it looks like in the flesh so to speak.

Thanks again and I hope you are well and have a great festive season.