Thursday, 8 May 2014


This is a piece much larger than the first I made recently commissioned and to be finished and delivered soon. It stands just over 1/2 a meter and is sat on a hollow form which will not be the final base, but included to give lift and show the form. 

The picture below is after most of the finishing with a sacrificial coating to help show up the uneven areas, this piece is to be black gloss which will show every minute imperfection so the foundation finishing is paramount before the top coats. The shaping and carving is the easiest and fastest part of the process with the finishing/abrading today taking most of today alone.  Tomorrow it will be cut back again with more coats  more cutting back and refining before the final colour is added, cut back and burnished, another 2-3 days should see the main form finished and then the base will be made with the two being fixed together. There is a £1 coin placed onto tail of the swan for scale.

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