Monday, 7 February 2011


This piece is the latest following on with my current interests.

Deciding to re-visit my previous work and forms in this case my "Chilli Piece", I wanted to look at ways of refreshing this idea by amalgamating various techniques and materials I have been using to date and a looking at progressing/changing these.

Wanting to have a change from the verdigris/metal effect I decided to look at Chinese lacquer ware with its ornate carvings and deep red colours. While I did not want to take the theme too literal by emulating the carving of a theme, I wanted to embody the feeling of a rich sumptuous piece, while keeping the Japanese theme of wabi-sabi and impermanence.

The insert which is gold leaf on polymer clay needs some progression for the next one. Although I am fairly happy with it, there is always room for improvement. In this case I would rather of used solid gold but the current prices limit this. So will look at some alternatives in both materials and techniques.

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