Thursday, 3 February 2011

Play Day

Well today was a play day, a time I set aside every now and then just to put the work for galleries and other sources aside in order to try out new ideas without the worry of having to sell them. Although in fairness I never see myself as having to work as such. I believe I am most fortunate to have been given the gift of making money from the craft I love. So I guess every day is a play day although I do have to make numerous items along the same theme, such as bowls and hollow forms etc. But every now and then I just do what ever I want without constraint in the making.

One of my favourite past times is foraging in the woods or combing at the beech. It enables me to walk the dogs and entertain the children and still keep an eye out for anything interesting that could be used in my work.

Numerous containers are filled over the time with bits and pieces , picked for reference of textures, colours and shapes.

Today I decided to make some micro sculptures, well that is what I call them anyhow. ! :-)

My interest in Wabi-Sabi is still at the for front of my work at the moment and as such I wanted to mount some of the pieces I had found on my travels. Nature can produce some wonderful textures, colours and shapes as mentioned, so I wanted to embrace this and use what I had with minimal alteration from myself. Just a wooden base that I scorched until alight which added an interesting organic texture to tie in with the item fix on top.

These three pieces are simply oyster shells found on the beach which had been damaged in and around the rocks, and one stone that I found had an interesting texture. The first piece at the top of the page reminded me of an all hearing ear, so this tied in nicely with the sound of the sea when putting an ear up to a shell.

Anyway I wanted to show what I have been up to.


George Foweraker said...

Hi Mark.
It just goes to show you do not have to spend a fortune to own Art.

Regards George.Keep up the good work.

Mood Wood said...

Hi Mark,

Very refreshing to see you excersising your interest in nature via these semi sculptural pieces.

They look interesting, in the true sense of the word. And as images alone, play about with the whole wood v's medium debate.

Nice 1,


Mark said...

Hi George

Not sure about art or perhaps it is, don't know and have to say not overly concerned as it is the connecting with the creative process that I enjoy the most. But I appreciate your comment.

Mark said...


Thanks for your interest. For me now it is the connection with the process of creating that I enjoy more than the end result. There is something about getting back to basics and really "seeing" what is around me. Nature has so much to offer and I feel that especially in western society we become so wrapped up in what we are trying to strive for and miss what we have.

I think that if we take time to slow down and observe what is around us more then we need look no further.

Mood Wood said...

Hi Mark,

I think you are reffering to the concept of mindfulness.

I have studied this in the past and feel it is something that may be of interest to you.

Many religious philosophies have this as a central part of there teachings.

To arrive at this form of understanding in your own right is a tribute to your own personallity.

Much development in this area I feel my Friend. If I can offer any help to your understanding in this area then I will.

Aw the best,


Mark said...

Hi Lee

Mindfulness is something I also have studied all more dipped in and out of through my limited study of Sati and in depth reading of various Zen and Eastern philosophies. I however find my mind is more fleeting and less centred than I would like. When I am centred I can produce interesting work, when not I make less than inspiring work with little depth.

On the positive side this means that I delve in and out of different subjects which exposes me to new ideas and techniques. On the negative side I tend to only skim at times the surface of what I am doing, but recently I have decided to develope and build on the skills and ides I have come to enjoy

Only time will tell if I achieve this. I will certainly be in touch to speak to you about this and to gain a different perspective.