Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Holm Oak

Thought I would update with some wood collected after a phone call from a friend.

This is Holm Oak and was cut down due to over hanging a foot path. Largest diameter is around 14-16 inches with the smallest being 5-6 inches.

There are probably 20-30 hollow form blanks available of various sizes and or bowls. The wood cost zero, other than a cup of tea and a chat which is one of the enjoyable parts of wood harvesting. Coupled with the fact that I know that once these pieces are roughed, seasoned and in the galleries that I have had control over the whole process and my profit margin is much higher.

Next week when the demonstrations are out of the way I will process these showing how I cut the wood to maximise yield and grain orientation.

This is a fantastic way of sourcing wood. Often if you contact local tree surgeons let them now what you want often they are more than happy to help out, even if it is for a small fee which will be minute compared to seasoned prepared wood.

Also let you friends and neighbours know that you want wood. It is quite surprising how much can be collected when you have several people combing the hedge rows.

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George Foweraker said...

Nice bit of wood there Mark I like Holm Oak it has a beautiful grain.
Save me some.

Regards George