Tuesday, 15 March 2011

What a weekend

Well carrying on with "a week in a life of" I have just recovered from a long weekend travelling to Surrey, Kent and Back to Dorset then to Wiltshire, three demonstrations in total.

Always an enjoyable process as I enjoy meeting new people and visiting new places, but also passing on my knowledge and picking up some along the way as well. There are generally turners present that have been making for many more years than myself so it is also a chance for me to learn from some seasoned makers.

My short career in woodturning has been achievable through the willingness of many far more skilled than myself who have been willing to share their ideas, skills and techniques.

Now I am in a position of being asked to demonstrate the way in which I make my work I feel a priveledged obligation to others to help in their journey and hopefully to ultimately help woodturning in the UK develop. This may sound like a hippy view but I feel that we all have to share and support in a productive open way and the benefits often for me far out weight the work/input involved.

First on Friday was an evening demo at Surrey Woodturners Association. With 170 members and around 120 in attendance it was the largest club I have been invited too. Despite the large number of people watching, I was made to feel most welcome and at home. A very friendly club and thank you to each and all for your time, attention and help getting tools etc to and from my vehicle.

Oh yes and thank you to the member that helped to start my aged horse which developed a flat battery.

The evening was for me a great success with my demonstrating one of my signature lidded forms and carved finial.

It was then off to a members home for the night and up early the very next day to go to Orchard woodturners in Kent.

Another wonderful day with four projects demonstrated.

Then back to sunny Dorset and up the next morning een earier to sharpen the tools and collect materials before the third and final demo at Test Valley woodturners, Wiltshire.

Again I was made very welcome with the day going well. The process of meeting other turners especially those who have not seen me work before means that they often can give me ideas in relation to ways in which to work that I had not thought of before. We are always learning no doubt about that.

Then it was a day off as to say I was fired from driving 8 hours in three days is an understatement. But I could not resist tinkering with a piece I have been working on for the last four months.

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George Foweraker said...

Hi Mark.
It sounds like you had a very rewarding weekend.
And another Demo on Thursday you must be making a fortune.LOL