Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Chance Meetings

Life is at times a strange way of workingg. Having made the decision to leave a perfectly secure job and take up turning for a vocation I have travelled a great deal and met many people.

Many new freinds and aquantences have been made and often these have started with a simple email about something turning related.

With all the technology available today we can converse with people all around the globe often in real time due to such things as skype etc.

These recources enable us to acheive greater possibilities certainly more than what must have been available in yester year.

Mainly I use my computer for work, research etc. But it is a powerful tool in bridging distance between people and opening up possibilities.

One such instance of this is a freind that I had not met in person, Lee Sneddon, came to my home for a short holiday with his family from scotland, to talk and look at turning ideas/techniques and to relax.

Not all the time spent was in the workshop and a visit to the beach for some relaxation was in order together with visits to other local attractions.

I had a great time and realised that there is more to turning wood than just making hollow forms etc. You can on occassions, as I have done on many, meet new freinds along the way. With this being the age where people are supposed to have lost the art of communication perhaps it should be looked from a different angle, that this is the age where we just work in different ways with new ideas.

Not unlike woodturning really, some will resist against change but slowly it comes and takes us all over.

Here are a few pictures of the four days with Lee, one from the beach at Sandbanks which was amazing as the sun was beating down on the sand while in the other direction there was a storm brewing.

So to all the other freinds that I have met through turning. Have a great day and hope to catch up soon.

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Mood Wood said...

Hi Mark,

I have updated my own blog with thoughts and reflections on our time together.

Too numerous to mention here but just to say I am a happier person having spent time with you and your lovely Family.

I you ever make it to Bonnie Scotland then you and your Family and most welcome with us.

Here's to a long and happy Friendhsip. Maybe I can teach you how to knash the pilly!!! LOL!!!

Take care mate,