Monday, 22 August 2011

On Retreat

On occassions it is good to take time out to reflect and contemplate various parts of our personal and commercial progress.

Now for me is a good time. A few work commitments need to be honoured and then a change in direction for me and my work is wanted and needed.

Having been very fortunate to achieve the goals that I set some years ago with regards to my turning some of these have started to take over and stifle the making process.

This in turn can have adverse effects on me. However instead of looking at these times as a negative I take them as a sign that I am being pulled or gently nudged down a new path. So the only thing to do is to listen to what I am being told and to embrace this, see where it takes me, and just letgo of what I percieve as being the safe option.

This process is frightening and exciting at the same time often yeilds a far richer end result than playing it safe. The trick I have found is just to let go and have faith that all will be well.

There are too many designs/new ideas in my sketch book and head collecting dust, that some prioritising and re-organisation is require before I can embark on this new direction.

It will involve as ever hard work and much thought.

So time out and reflection on my current position/work is needed as I feel at the moment it lacks the depth I feel and know it should have.

Not getting the time to develop my ideas means that turning just becomes a technical process and the work that I have produced to date has not been taken to it's full potential. Looking at new work means time out to search deeper and this can only be done in the mind and not through technique alone.

I will periodically post work and thoughts, but these may be few and far between but hopefully the time to reflect will instigate the changes required.

Needing to clear space also means staying in my own zone for a while and keeping communication to a minimum.

Although I can be contacted via email, it may just take time for me to reply. Of course business will have to carry on as normal and all such enquiries will be answered quickly.

Thank you for your interest to date.


Nick Arnull said...

Hey Mark dont the kids go back to school soon!?
Didnt I see you moonlighting in Ironside the other day?

Mood Wood said...

Hi Mark,

I think a period of introspection will be good for you.

Once your kids are back at school and you have time to yourself, you should find the answers you are looking for.

It helps to remind yourself that at any given moment a sense of peace and calm can be found, it is often the contemplation required to find it that is the most challenging.

Any support I can give will be available freely and with kindness.

Speak soon,


Mark said...

Hi Nick

Thanks for your interest and I hope you are well.

Yes Bethany and Bella go back to school in just over a week. I love the time with them when they are home as life moves on too quick andd they will soon lose interest in wanting to spend time with me. I also get lots of trips out to places I would not go such as Hamly's in London and end up buying a remote controlled helicopter.

:-) The only moonlighting I do these days is star gazing with a new telescope that Beth had for her birthday. I was of course involved in buying it so made sure my, I mean her new toy was a good one.

Mark said...

Hi Lee

I already have the answers mate and while the girls do take up a lot of my time it is a process that I would not miss for anything.

After leaving my last job I was placed into a very priveledged position and will never again not enjoy my work.

I love teaching and demonstrating and passing on what I can and will enjoy continuing to do this.

For some time however I have been wanting to brach out in other areas. Move my business and work forward into the bigger market. There is obviously only a certain amount of time in anyones day.

So instead of carrying on I have decided to say " no I'm not going down this route, I am going to go this way". Basically as I have the power to drive my own destiny and now when I start to feel it is being externally controlled then the brakes go on and things are looked at and chaged to where I want the to go.

So new targets are in place. The self evaluation completed for the time being and I am looking forward to the journey down a new route.

As for support it is appreciated and some more of those haggis's wouldn't go a miss.