Thursday, 29 September 2011


Very little time spent in the workshop lately as I have been writting and designing  new work, turning them into drawings and collecting reference material for the same. The work load also became restrictive in relation to being able to be creative so I have decided to give myself more time and space to get back into making as I don't do tread mill anymore and creating is where my love is. So back to it I am with new enthusiasm and ideas, its like being five again in the local sweety shop.

Also not sure if I mentioned this previously ( I may have done as I do repeat myself) that I have been sourcing new materials to work with which I now have and am looking forward to playing around with. Of course this means more tools which breaks my heart to have to buy :-).

So I will be back in the workshop now with more time dedicated to making with new work finally being made. In fact my time will mostly now be on making and selling again as I am needing to move into new directions as previously mentioned.

Anyway more about that in future postings but I hope to be posting more picture of my work soon for those interested.

Monday night was spent at a demo in Burnham-On-Sea where I demonstrated a basic bottle type form.

Also I have posted a few more pictures I have recently taken for reference and thought they may be of use to you, or not as the case may be. :-)

Still enjoy the pics and the insect at the bottom has some interesting textures and forms within its body.

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