Friday, 18 November 2011

Lastes update

Last week was a busy time what with tools sales, three demonstrations and a master class. The first demo which I have previously posted was at Hampshire woodturners. Since this time I have not had time update my blog as I am also trying to get more work made for galleries and to work on the next set of targets and methods of achieving them.

Firstly on Thursday I attended Kennet & Avon Woodturning Club and met John Boyne-Aitken the Chairman for the first time to have a real chat. We have met before but always seem to have been too busy to spend time discussing woodturning.

Thank you to John and the members of Kennet and Avon Woodturners who made me very welcome during the evening. Here are some pictures of the evening and I hope to be back soon.

Pembrokeshire Woodturners

A beautiful Place 

On the Friday George Foweraker and I drove to Pembrokeshire in Wales for a two day visit to the Pembrokeshire Woodturners, the Friday evening being a master class for ten members with two to a lathe. Each member brought with them various tools and problems to that they wanted to look at and I believe all went away pleased with the evening. It was certainly enjoyable to meet some of the members in such a relaxed setting.

The Saturday was an all day demo covering the selection of un-seasoned wood, how to orientate for a hollow form, how to season and re-mount a seasoned form to finish with a lid and carved finial. The after noon was along the sames lines but for a cross grain bowl with a little scorching and finally another variation on how to make a small hollow form.

Although I do not demonstrate tools for sales at the demonstrations that I attend as I am invited to demonstrate woodturning not to promote the tools I sell, I was asked prior by the Chairman John Blake to bring along some tools, a large number were purchased by the club members and the 10% club discount that I give was well received, in the current financial climate it all helps.

The day was brilliant and the members very very friendly and hospitable, I was made an honouree member of the club and will be going back in the summer for another demo.  Thanks all, I was very privileged to be be included within your club.

 Here are some pictures of the day and a few to show that no time is ever missed to take pictures for reference.

Members work which was of a high standard. 

 Discussion about chip formation and tool presentation to achieve the best finish from the tool

 Discussing the correct wall thickness.

 George Washing up, oooo errr.

 Pictures for reference


Lee Robert Sneddon said...

Looks like you and the members had a great time.

Nice to George doing some real work too, LOL!



Ray Small said...

I was thinking the same myself!

George and washing up.... doesn't seem to compute!!