Sunday, 20 November 2011

Revisiting previous skills

The previous picture is of a new piece in which the lathe is used for a very small part and has provided me with the basic offset curve for the side and base for the sculpture.

Quite a bit more work has been done but has been slow due to having to move totally away from what I am fairly proficient in to trying out or revisiting old skills such as hand carving using mallet and wood chisels, a set of which I purchased some years ago but which have remained in my tool cupboard hidden.

I have also bee experimenting with various burrs and have found that the "Dura Grit" work well for the way I am working at the moment, although dust is a problem, so I have also had to make changes to my air extraction unit. Turning/finishing on the lathe enables the dust to be directed from the orientation of the piece into the extraction hose, but a rotating burr/abrasive cutter chucks the dust all over the place. An obvious problem which I did anticipate but often working in different ways requires time not only being spent on the techniques but also workshop/work holding and other time consuming issues.

Working in a more sculptural direct does force me to slow down and become much more involved with the material and techniques and I can understand how people become lost in the process, with it being a good way to concentrate solely on the moment.

Hopefully I will have a few pictures of the work in progress tp post soon.

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