Saturday, 10 December 2011


Today on waking I took some more photographs from my bedroom window. There was a hard frost over night so I decided to take the opportunity to take some more macro pictures of mundane items showing the formation of ice. Some of the pictures so flowers that are decaying and others are of items which I would not have thought of to photograph previously such as a black dustbin bag or the join from the roof of my car to the boot, but the addition of ice totally change my perception of these objects.

Car boot join.

Dustbin liner


Decaying Geranium buds that started to shoot after the last hot spell.

Then this afternoon Bethany my 10 yr old daughter wanted to take some pictures, so I gave her various items that I had previously collected for the colours and textures. These are some of the pictures that Bethany took using a tripod and lights while I got on with some other bits and pieces.The only input I have had is setting up the lights and tripod and cropping the pictures for uploading to the blog, the items were layed out and taken by Bethany who loves to get involved with creative hobbies.

There are many more pictures that can be viewed in the Photography pages which can be access on the top right side of the blog.