Monday, 19 December 2011


The sculpture that I previously posted has progressed further if only slightly. The original design has now gone out of the window but was a good starting point. The problem I have with trying to stick to a design is that it can become contrived when it in fact my mind wants to take a different route.

So I decided to let go and to work on the piece in a organic way by carving and just seeing where it goes. The piece prior to the carving here was placed back on the lathe and turned through another two axis to remove more material in a controlled way to give further base curves and a concave area on the front face.

The rest has been carved using palm gouges which is fairly free and removes the material quickly.

The rest will have to wait as I want to allow the rest to develop slowly. There is a long way to go with  the carving to date being crude and much refining is needed, but until I get to the stage of knowing when to stop the other processes will have to wait.

On a slightly different note, I have been experimenting with computer software for some time as an outside method of investigating creative processes. This I first started to investigate after being introduced to the process by Philip Streeting.

Looking at different ways of working outside of turning helps me to discover new ideas. I have included a few of the computer generated pictures that I have produced which run in line with my interest in photographing the moon and sky.

Computer generated pictures.


Ray Small said...

Cool computer pictures Mark!!

Lee Robert Sneddon said...

Hi Mark,

The sculpture is looking really great. Very much HR Geiger'esque.

Looking forward to it's development.



Mark said...

Hi Lee

Tyank you for the interest. I have looked at Geiger's work and, well , some challenging stuff there to get my mind around, not sure I could look at it for long or I might travel to the dark side. Certainly mind food for sure.

This piecve will sit around now as previously mentioned so that I can muse about how it will go forward.

thanks again buddy.

George Foweraker said...

Hi Mark I realy like the way this sculpture is progressing.I get the feeling of wind blown sand dunes.Next time you are here we should visit Brean Down beach where the coastline is sand dunes.

Mark said...


Your not trying to get me into the dunes are you. :-),

It may be worth a trip with the camera for some reference pictures.

Philip Streeting said...

Look forward to seeing how you progress with this approach. Thanks for the mention and link on 3D. Glad you are finding it helpful to experiment with.

Mark said...

Hi Philip

Your welcome, credit where credit is due. It is a fruitful method of investigating new shapes and while many are too difficult to be made into a physical object the creative sparks are very useful.

Take care