Saturday, 1 September 2012

Latest Piece

 With this latest piece I wanted to return to simplicity and work with a few complimentary materials with the intention of producing a peaceful  grouping, something to contemplate, to reflect my mind set at the time of making.

By returning to minimal materials and methods I wanted to observe closely the relationship of these materials and how they can effect the piece through composition.I wanted to view how the materials and subtle changes compliment and/or contrast, thus connecting with and continuing my interest in Wabi-Sabi and the subtlety of understanding behind this vast and deep subject.

Of course from my own research and understanding I can only produce a piece or pieces from my own interpretation.

To me it means the subtle and beauty of nature and the way in which perfection is often just so and therefore needs little input from us to see its full beauty, other than, just opening our mind and seeing what is in front of us.To a deeper level I was taught that things are not beautiful, ugly, hard or soft, they are purely as they are, or as I was told, ' they are just so'.

Here I tried to let go of the desire to over manipulate the composition, or to inject to much of my own personality, but to let the piece develop and to let go as I worked and to 'feel' if it was right or not.

The pebble and shell have been added to bring the eye and thoughts to pure place of calmness and contemplation, to connect the minimal form and materials of wood and bamboo to the hardness and contrast of found items in this case a shell and pebble, to sit next to the manipulated/turned form.

Both have their own beauty, far greater than I could possibly produce and are therefore 'perfect' in the possibly perceived 'imperfection' of cracks and holes produced in the sea for possibly many hundreds of years. Of course only each individual can decide what the seperate parts and the whole mean to them. 

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