Saturday, 30 March 2013


Not much to update you on!. This year has been extremely hectic so I have not had much time to blog, in fact I have little time to do  anything other than meet deadlines. Up early and  to bed early and if to bed by 0100 hrs and I have been doing well.  This has taken me away from making which is where my passion lies, this is fine as it is all part of being self employed but I have missed the enjoyment of creating.

In the main the projects I have been working on are coming to a close so I can concentrate on some sculptural pieces I had been meaning to start some four months gone as well as finish pieces sat on the shelf that have been neglected. So I am having a few days off and then will be disappearing into my workshop to lose myself in my sculptural work.

Slowly I am diverting away from what I have made before, not because I do not enjoy turning in the round, just that I have never been able to sit still and there is so much fun stuff to do, not to do it would be a waste. This new work will not take the place of, but be an addition to my other work.

The next event is Yandles Spring Show where I will be demonstrating for Crown Tools, this I enjoy very much as it is a busy but fun time.

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