Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Inspiration from Nature

   Here are a few macro pictures that I snapped lately. In no way do I class myself as a photographer with my obsession of photography having started with the want to record anything I find of interest, whether I think it can be used at a later stage or not in my work.

There is no doubt for me however that the perfection in nature is all we need to study to find  inspiration for my work. I guess I could study it for the rest of my life and only scratch the surface.

To date I have amassed just over 3000 pictures of texture, shape and colour, these I dip into for ideas. Sadly I never have enough time to produce the volume of work I would like as various projects have meant in the short term I have been taken away from my love of creative, but these are coming to a close, so hopefully by late spring I will be back on track making and putting into the solid some of the many ideas I have been working on in my sketch book.

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