Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Noodle enough time to do anything.

I have not had time to finish part three of the wall thread, but it will be up soon.  Too much bread and butter stuff piled up for me on my return, gallery orders, commissions etc etc, the sculptural work is on a back burner while I finish off some orders for simple bowls etc etc.

This is a simple lidded bowl based on the noodle bowl design, as old as the hills but popular. Seeing it is BBQ weather you can never have too many occasional bowls, made in different sizes, they help to keep the insects and waspies out of the food while a few Pimm's are being enjoyed, the lid doubles up as a smaller bowl for a side salad, of just to pour olive oil and balsamic vinegar into for dipping of the bread.  :-)

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