Monday, 10 June 2013

Three countries, 1100 miles on the road and an Irish Wall.

Today is the first day back in my home after twelve days away in Ireland for a Wood Art Collaboration, producing  a sculptural installation for 'Visual' Contemporary Art Gallery, Carlow, Ireland, together with twenty other international wood artists.

The event was also in conjunction, supported by IWCS, International Wood Culture Society with two of their cinematographers attending to record the event for which they have produced a video of our working over duration of the event. A link to this video will be posted once it has been uploaded to the IWCS web site.

The event was a huge success with the installation being well received by the gallery and public.

Currently I am totally fried from the long days of making but have update the links page on my web site if you are interested in viewing the inspirational work of the other makers I was privileged to work with during the twelve days.

Over the next week it is my intention to write about and post pictures of the event, but I need to recover for a few days as 1100 miles by road in six days takes it toll.


Lee Robert Sneddon said...

Hi Mark,

Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while, I haven't been a very good Friend lately but my journey is a lonely one at the moment, feels like I am half way through 10,000 striations!

Hope you, Liz, Bethany and Bella are all well and healthy?

Just wanted to say that your recent post speaks volumes about your talent and skill, the only artist to be invited from England is a proud moment mate, well done.

I have looked at the website and it looks to have been a fascinating and challenging time for you and the other artists. Can't wait to see the video they mention and look forward to your own posts regarding your personal journey.

Take care buddy,


Mark said...

Hi Lee

sorry to hear about your journey, I know at times how this can be. Don't feel negative about not getting in contact, I too have let things slip with people as work has been taking over for some months now.

My invite was a very nice surprise and I have Terry Martin to thank for being the one for giving me the opportunity to take part, to be involved with so many makers that I have greatly admired for many years and being able to learn from them as we work has been a life changing experience for me and my work.

Hopefully the video will be online soon I will aim to start my story with pictures today.

Get in contact if your need to I will give you a bell later.

Liz and the girls are fine I hope Liz, Jenny and Ewan are well.

Speak soon.