Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Art Student

Today I was teaching Toby who is currently studying Model Making at Arts University College Bournemouth. With part of his project being the making of a sculptural pod form he has designed to be turned from wood. To this Toby will be including metal together with other materials to produce a kinetic sculpture.

This is the third time Toby has come to me for tuition but today was a bit different in that Toby wanted to cover specifics for tooling, finishing and discussions together about design relating to his sculpture.

It is very rewarding to see a young person carrying on with turning but also using it as a part process for sculpture.

Here are a few pictures of Toby roughing down the basic form for his piece, which is one of the four or five parts that will be included in the end sculpture.

Firstly hollowing end grain was refreshed. 

As was the spindle gouge

 Then onto his piece.


Hopefully I will get to see the end sculpture when it is finished.


G.Watkins said...

Great pictures mark

Mark said...

Hi George

Thank you for your comment. The pictures were more by accident than design. The dark pictures were produced by moving the camera close to the action and light source, at which point the camera seemed to zone out all of the lighting in the workshop other than the LED light on the main form. I am sure in photography there is a name for why it does this but I don't know it.

All the lighting in the workshop was on and just as in the other pics, so I found it by chance but can now use it in some more pics for promotional material.

Thanks again