Friday, 20 April 2012

Yandles and Wealdon Woodturners

Last weekend I was demonstrating at Yandle show, Martock, it is my favourite show as I get to meet up with many friends and hopefully make some more, as well the ever important networking.

Anyway here are some rather late pics.

The below pieces were turned by Dave Appleby

Then Sunday was a 3 hr drive to Wealdon woodturners in Kent which was a great day.

a few pictures started at

0500 hrs

0520 Salisbury Plain, what a sun rise. 

Upon arriving I was very privileged to meet the members and it was great to see that one of my magazine articles had inspired a member Sandra Day,  to make her own version of the Japanese tea box. It was only the first time that Sandra had attempted end grain hollowing I believe,  wow what a result. Great work Sandra and thank you for sharing.

Then I met John Turner for the second time after meeting him at Yandles a few days before. 
John has a large Wadkin lathe and like to turn, well large pieces. 
Here is one of his latest pieces with one of mine being held on top by another member. 

Hell of a piece of wood to turn but I wonder how many bags of shaving John must have filled.

Thank you all for a great day and pub lunch.


George Foweraker said...

So you enjoy yandles show because it gives you the opertunity to meet all your friens I am pleased they both turned up and you had a good couple of days.

Mark said...

Ha ha,

Two freinds, no I don't have that many, but I use mirrors so that it appears I have more. :-)