Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Finishing day

Today up until school collecting time was spent finishing various pieces to get them ready for my scribble to go on the bottom.

John's previous comments about me not sleeping due to the work I do got me thinking about the work I do an how much people may or may not think I get through in a day ( when I decide to get stuck in so to speak).  This of course on top of getting up at 0630, sorting the dogs and cats out, feeding the children, getting pack lunches ready, breakfast in bed for my good lady, then sort the house out followed by school pick up time and coocking the dinner. ( My wife Liz works full time much harder than I do so working from home suits us both).

As previously mentioned I have to get some bread and butter work finished for various outlets so today was finishing the items I had turned yesterday plus finish a few more.

No, not all of these items have been turned from scratch, but have been finished today. 

The three bowls, back left,  were finished from yesterday, oiled, buffed etc with the bowls on the right hand side and the hollow forms requiring only the bases to be finished with abrasive as they had been turned in batches with the spigots needing removing and finished, then a few coats of sealer and the whole of the forms buffed.

It looks a lot but finishing the base of a bowl does not take long around 5 - 10 mins followed by buffing. 

 So in all twelve forms finished with the three hollow forms waiting for lids and finials. I also managing to progress the maple bowl that I started yesterday as shown below with the cut out and  hole now removed.

Next is the time consuming process of finishing the cut outs to a high finish with abrasive followed by colouring and turning a sphere.

See George I can work when I want to :-).


George Foweraker said...

Yes you can but if I know anything about you it wont get to be a habit.

Mark said...

Lol, may be, may be not, but finishing does not take me long so I thought I would make some space and get them out for sale.

john smith said...

Hi Mark Nice to see the finished pieces also thanks for an insight into you day. Regards John

Mark said...

Hi John

Thank you for your comments.

On occasions I even surprise myself. :-), when I am making my coloured work though it may take me a couple of weeks to finish a piece.

Thanks again and take care.