Tuesday, 29 May 2012

'Beyond Containment' Exhibition San Jose, California

Exhibition, San Jose, California. It would certainly be lovely if I was going with my family but alas not this year, I was hoping to be asked to be the bag man for Mark Baker, but apparently I am above the weight limit. :-).

Some time ago I wrote about having been invited to submit a piece for this exhibition at the Gallery of Wood Art Minnesota, USA, (click on the link below) which is then shown again at the AAW Symposium in one of the Exhibitions through-out the 8-10th of June. 

Today being slow off the mark I found the catalogue showing the work included in the exhibition, my piece being one of, and thought it may be of interest to show what is currently being produced around the globe by many of the makers using wood and the lathe as a way of expression.

2013 AAW Symposium is in Tampa Florida, and having relatives there I may well get across to see it.

'Beyond Containment' Exhibition Catalogue. 

Another exhibition worth looking at, also containing beautiful work.

'Walk in the Woods' Exhibition Catalogue 


Philip Streeting said...

Well done.

Mark said...

Hi Philip

Thank you, it is great to be part of.

Take care

George Foweraker said...

WOW Some realy clever stuff there.It makes most of what is made in this country look poor.

Mark said...

Hi George.

The exhibition certainly is full of wonderful pieces.

For me the thought processes used are very much different with creativity being at the forefront.

The lathe often on the other hand is only used for a small part of the process.

This gives less restriction and allows more freedom to just make without being a slave to the lathe.

NOvi said...

Things that I only dream ... hope not for ever.

Lee Robert Sneddon said...

Yours is a winner for me mate.

Missing our chats but will be in touch soon. Working lots of hours and off to bed yet again!

Take care buddy,


Mark said...

Hi Lee

Thanks for your comment and I hope you are well.

Will give you a ring soon.

I hope all are well over the boarder.

Mark said...

Hi NOvi

It is beuatiful work, with time, understanding and patience most things can be acheived.

Take care