Friday, 18 May 2012

Crown Revolution Super Ring video

Quite some time ago I mentioned that I intended to produce several short videos for my YouTube channel  demonstrating the setting up of and using the various cutters that come with the Crown Revolution Hollowing tool.

Well I finally have gotten round to uploading  two videos showing how to set up and use the super ring.

To view a full screen HD version just click on the frame symbol bottom right of the picture.


john smith said...

hello Mark, I have just watched your two hollowing videos on you-tube. they are great well done and thank you for sharing these regards John

Mark said...

Hi John

Thank you for the interest and comment. I have been meaning to do them for a year now but time just never seemed to be right to do them.

Hopefully these will help people get the most from their tools be it a Revolution or another.While all tools have their own quirks to get the best out of them hopefully it will be of benifit.

I will be doing more on other tools including the traditional ring tool and hook tool both of which are excellent for hollowing deep bowls.

Thank you again.

Take care


john smith said...

Hello Mark,I have circulated a link by email of these to all the members of our club I am sure they will enjoy them. I look forward to the next ones you do Regards John

Mark said...

Hi John

Thank you for that, any feed back from members of the videos or things they may want covered let me know.

It is my intention to build up my videos into short clips for my students, the idea being that once people have come to me for tuition they can watch a video later to remind them of the key points.

This hopefully will reinforce the subjects covered in the lesson.

Take care

George Foweraker said...

Hi Mark.
Very good videos full of useful information.

Chris said...

Evening Mark,

Thank you for posting these videos.

I am contemplating purchasing a hollowing tool and your videos are a strong advert for the Revolution system. In particular, I liked the demonstration on the use of different cutting tips.

Hopefully I'll make a decision and get to put it into practice soon!



Mark said...

Hi Chris

Thank you for taking the time to comment, it makes it worth while doing if I know people find the videos useful.

The varied cutting tips and ease of use is what I like about the Revolution. Don't get me wrong there are some very good hollowing systems on the market, and a few that are not.

You need to look at the type of hollowing you want to do and how much to spend and then decide as it is a big investment.

The Revolution for me contains versatility at a keen price, works well and comes with an unlimited after sales resource,, 'me'. :-)

Thanks again.

NOvi said...

I think, from the few days now, that I must bought myself a Crown System Revolution. I saw the video made ​​by you and I'm pretty sure that this system it worth the money. If I purchase the Complete 5/8" dia shaft hollowing system from you, could you send me these videos and more videos with other cutters and scrapers in action ?

Mark said...

Hi Novi

Thank you for your comment and interest.

The videos I can certainly burn on to a disk for you. I will be producing more videos soon of the scrapers and finishing scraper in action and can send these to you as well.

Just let me know your location if outside of the UK so the carriage can be worked out prior to you making a decision.

You can always see some more videos on my YouTube channel from my web site, links on the right side of my blog.

Thank you again for your interest.

NOvi said...

I'm from Romania, Brasov. Transylvania, if you heard of these places. But you have the best price in Europe. I'm sure you'll find a solution acceptable for shipment. There is not a concern so great for me because I do not have other choices. In my country aren't almost any of woodturning tools, and I don't know other foreign languages, than English​​(French, German, Spanish, etc..) to buy from other sites.
So, if I can manage to collect money to order online, I will.
Thanks for answer.

Mark said...

Hi NOvi

If you send me a message to the contact page of my web site then I can help you once I have your email address. It is easier than exchanging messages here.

You can get to my web site by the links on the right hand side of my blog.

Thank you