Thursday, 24 May 2012

A few forms and a bit of progression.

Today I have hollowed  a few forms and progressed slightly with a sculpture that was started some time ago.

A few pictures with the first being a 5 inch high rock maple hollow form, textured using a point tool and oiled.

6 inch high Elm hollow form taken to finish wall with the spigot being left in place so the hole can be trued in a few days for the fittig of a lid. The Elm was pretty much dry but I always allow my forms to settle for a few days before adding to them.

8 inch high Rock Maple form, again turned to finish wall with the entrance hole to be finished in a few days or so. 

This sculpture has been sitting on my shelf for months so I decided to work some more on it today. There is a huge amount to do but the general shape is now pretty much there. More pictures will be added as it progresses.


G.Watkins said...

great forms Mark- that elm one is my fave

Mark said...

Thanks George

I enjoyed turning these, hopefully they will be finished soon.

Hope you keeping well.

NOvi said...

Very beautiful hollow forms, as actually all of hollow forms you are doing.

Mark said...

Hi NOvi

Thank you for your comments about my work I enjoy turning hollow forms as it is the pursuit of the perfect form (which never ends), is what keeps my interest.