Thursday, 15 November 2012

Latest rendering

At the moment I am turning a mass of noodle and other utility bowls for outlets together with getting ready for teaching Saturday, Sunday and Monday including an evening demo on Monday evening, so not a lot of time to work on the more creative pieces that are gathering dust in my workshop.

The simple bowl is a beautifully item to turn and one I find very relaxing. While technically simple in process the desired 'simple' line and form is all but 'simple' to achieve, this being the reason I enjoy producing them as it means I can get back to basics and really enjoy the flow of line and the connection of this to the out-breath,  one single movement/cut for the entire outside of the form.

So this fractal rendering is my play time this evening looking at incorporating more complexity from the previous that I have shown.

The overall basis and foundation is still that of a simple line/form, in this case a spiral. It is interesting to look at the two disciplines, ( simple bowl and complex computer render) separately, yet they are connected, the complexities of the simple bowl with my attempts to achieve the perfect form and cut, with that of the subtlety behind such a complex computer rendering as shown above.

At the basis of each is a purity of line, a foundation on which to build, and if either forms, be they complex or simple are lacking in this basic purity of line, then no matter how complex the subsequent layers are, the end result will be lacking in it visual impact.

Observing the shapes within the computer generated fractal pictures I produce and the observing of nature is a rich source of inspiration to me even when producing a simple noodle bowl, as beauty in nature all comes back to a direct relationship with mathematical equation, go google 'Fibonacci in nature' and observe for yourself how beautiful the sequence really is and how it can help in the producing of form and sculpture.

The real beauty though is when we actually see it in every day life, for me this is magical, so don't just look, connect.!

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