Wednesday, 28 November 2012


 The weekend and this week is very busy but I thought a small update would keep the blog moving.

Out for a walk as I do every day with my dogs and my camera and managed to get a few pictures, some have a bit of camera shake as they were taken at 35 x optical zoom without a tri-pod as I find it a bit to cumbersome to carry and walk the dogs at the same time.  (a mono pod is on Santa's list).

Often looking up into old tress I can find some interesting, shapes, colours and textures for use in sculptures perhaps.

Oak Apple 35 x zoom Canon SX30 iS

Also on Monday had the final of two AWGB teaching days with a few pictures here of the day.


George Foweraker said...

Hi Mark.
Some nice pics I particularly like the Thrush I have not seen or heard one for years.
Good to see you taking time to encourage the youngsters into turning.

Mark said...

Hi George

We have quite a few around here they are beautiful birds and their song as you know is one of the best.

Yes the AWGB course was an enjoyable one. I am always taken aback by how younger people seem to take to turning very quickly, this group was no exception.