Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Having a huge interest in the far east I have for many many years loved Raku fired ceramics.  If I had the resources I would certainly learn Raku pottery and obtain myself a kiln, but space and going off at such a tangent is not viable at this time, however it will be something that I pursue later on in life.

Raku pottery achieves it's dramatic effects through firing in a Raku kiln with various combustible materials/dust etc. This causes the smoke to adhere to the surface during firing producing amazing effects, with the process dating way back to around the 1500 century.

It is something that I have been playing around with tentatively in the background for a few years now but never really achieved the desired effect I was looking for through the use of the airbrush, for me such a technique doesn't quite hit it so I have been looking at other routes to produce the Raku effect.

Here is one of the first attempts I produced back in June of this year, it has not been shown until now for several reasons mainly as I have been perfecting the basic technique which I feel I have now achieved.  Next is to induce some of the colours associated with some Raku firing.

Anyway here is the first base effect that I was happy with.

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