Monday, 4 February 2013

Where is all the time going

Since my last entry I have been trying to catch up on various projects which are taking much more of my time than anticipated. This should not be a surprise I guess, as anything I do seems always to need twice the time I set aside of it. Partly due to the way I work as if I am not enjoying something and the bills are paid then I just stop, not conducive to being organised but then I find being organised often too structured and tiresome, life is too interesting to rush around on a treadmill.

The sculptures that I am making are only just being starting and will be some time, the added time thinking about them has however resolved some technical issues that I was unsure of. In the mean time I am delving into other ideas to give myself some release from being sat at the computer.

The more I have become involved in  turning the less turning I seem to do, other than teaching and demonstration, still it pays the bills, I enjoy it and it gets me out and about.

Things will settle down.

The picture here is a snippet, with a twist, of a group of pieces I have been developing.

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