Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Web Site Update

Recently I have been upgrading my web site to go along with my new work, which as previously mentioned is a long way off, but hey I can't rush things or life gets too serious and all the fun is taken out of it.

Over my time involved in turning I have gone through many transitions.  I have met many many amazingly creative friends who have helped me develop,  as well as having been invited to many wonderful locations around the world to demonstrate and partake in creative projects. I am very privileged to have met and shared with these people and have come to realize that we are all on the same path, the same journey of exploration, soul searching for expression through our work.

More and more my mind has been moving away from turning as a way to express myself and more towards sculptural work. This is just another transition that will take some time for me to navigate but one that I do not see changing.

The more I delve into what others see as diverse work, work that is not produce purely on the lathe or in the round, the more resistance is projected by some as to what is expected of me, my work and that of other makers who choose a more diverse route.

This is of course a natural response as the unfamiliar for all of use is met with suspicion. A friend once told me that choosing a different path to the normal is one that is often walked alone. However this for me is not a negative, and I see that all the chatter going on around only constrains the senses from the beauty that is in front of us.

So I am looking forward to a new path of which I know will take some forceful determination from myself to cut certain ties and expectations that I and others have of me, all things of course are in a continual state of transition, either coming from or going to, this is after all for me what makes it so exciting.

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George Foweraker said...

I really like the new Website Mark very classy and easy to follow