Sunday, 5 May 2013

Black bird update

Chicks quiet and hunkered down waiting for mother to return. It is amazing how camouflaged they are, of course they are as it is their defense but nature never fails to amaze me. 

The black birds nesting at the front of my house have hatched and are growing fast. I have managed to set up my camera inside of the house and by using the 35 x optical zoom I am able to sit some distance away to take pictures of the chicks development. Although I am within the house with the lens being set up to protrude through a gap in the wooden blinds, the parent birds are all too aware of my movement, although they seem little concerned, or even the vehicles and people that move closely by their home. Instead they sit nearby with beaks full of worms waiting for their moment to return and feed. 

These pictures are grainy and of a fairly low quality as the iso due to the darkness within the bush where the birds have nested has been set at 1600 with the use of the zoom compounding the problem with regards to any movement, but being able to watch the progress at all is a privilege

Movement before mother returns

The feeding frenzy 

Mother settling down and is aware of my presence.


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