Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Chill Time

My work load at the moment seems to grow likes a volcano, ok a bit dramatic I know but I am bloody busy and seem to all of a sudden have orders, articles, commissions, etc coming from all directions. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, I would rather be feeling the pressure of having too much work than not enough. It does mean however that I have to balance what I am doing, like everyone I guess, but I refuse to get fully back onto the treadmill as my work and family is a way of life and I am damned if the materialistic trappings of modern society are going to get the hooks back into me. 

So being self employed, when I feel the strain, I down tools , grab the camera, whistle the dog and walk out of my home into the fields and woods. Ok, I lose some money by taking time out, but hey it's a material and as long as I have enough to pay the bills,  life is just too good to miss.

Here are some pictures taken during my hour chill time. A young Robin pictured at the tp sat patiently waiting for me to get a good picture. He was high up in a tree and the camera was on 35 x optical zoom, so I was surprised when I got home and processed the pictures to find it came out so well.

The other pictures are of various flowers etc along the way.

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