Friday, 10 May 2013

Time to fly

Well today I looked out of my window to see if there was any movement in the nest and it appeared to be empty. So I decided to go outside to carefully look and sure enough it was empty, however the adult male wasn't far away with worms in his mouth so I started to retreat slowly and down on the floor only a foot away from me was one of the young birds, I then noticed one of the other younglings sat on a branch just inside of the bush looking straight at me.

So I left them be and managed to get some photos of them as I believe it will be the last time I will see them as they are ready to fly off on their own journey of life.

Here are what I think the last few pictures of these Blackbirds I will get, it has been wonderful being able to watch them grow and for them to get use to me enough, albeit from my window to be able to photograph them.

Now I have to put a DLSR camera and 400mm zoom lens on my Christmas list.

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