Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Back to the grind stone :-)

The first demo back after my trip was at North Cornwall Woodturning Club. Around two and a half hours away but worth the drive as I love the countryside and views in and around the erea.

The club is small in size but not in character and quality of equipment.

The day started with the turning of a small sculpture, followed by a wide rim carved and scorched bowl.

Then after lunch it was an offset hole lidded form/pot with carved finial, followed by a hollow form turned through the base and finally as an infill to finish the day off a small paper weight/ornament out of olive ash.

I stopped sanding in my demo's some time ago and like to concentrate on the processes of making various items.

The members seemed to enjoy the day as did I. But it would appear that it takes a little longer for me these days to get over jet lag hence the reason I look much like a red faced zombie in the last picture.

Thank you to Roger for taking the pictures, and all for an enjoyable day.

Then it has been teaching students bowl turning, a day off tomorrow to play around with a new design and then more tuition for the rest of the week.


Mood Wood said...

Hi Mark,

Looks like you had a fantastic day mate and I'm lovin' the AAW T-shirt!

Is the AAW something that I can join is it more exclusive for RPT's?

Can't wait to meet you and your Family, and get some serious turning done too! LOL!

Take care,


Mark said...

Hi Lee

Well I had to buy the "T" shirt didn;t I. :-) actually I got two. Not going all that way without getting a a few gifts for myself.

No The AAW is the American Association of Woodturners. It is the same AWGB but over the water,open to all, to promote and help turners.

It is a good organisation to join, they have a web site, forum and four good magazines a year. The forum is free.

http://www.woodturner.org/ you may have to copy and paste.

Looking forward to you coming down and making some shavings.

Also we are hoping weather permiting to take you to Sandbanks which apparently is the most expensive property in the world/land, don't know why as peope like me have beech barbeques and fill their houses up with smoke. :-)