Monday, 25 July 2011

Finishing off

This was a piece that I showed earlier which is almost finished. Eventually it will sit on a low stand/base/plinth.

Nothing new here with it being only slightly different than the previous pieces produced in this series Instead of using a single piece of bamboo for the handle numerous thin pieces have been tied off with copper wire, again with me trying to embrace an interest in Wabi-Sabi and using this to move even further away from that which I am able to control as I make and passing some faith in intrinsic beauty of the natural materials being used.

Each piece of bamboo being individual means that I have to let go of the anxiety with regards to how it will look and just accept that it will end up as it is intended.

Although I have to say that it is very hard to resist the "fiddling" that I like to do to make it "perfect" in my western way of thinking. So letting go is not as easy as I would like to think, but that is why I try to acheive it as for me the "easy" path only rewards with "safe" results.

The base at the moment is in limbo as I need to think about how to proceed. Keeping to the philosophy I should possibly use an old, rotten piece of wood for it to sit and not a finely finished stand. Hopefully I will be able to find a suitable piece of drift wood or similar to put it on. As it does need to be the right piece of wood and not just any piece.

Due to being busy I have become disinterested in finishing a lot of my pieces as I know that I will not have the time to get absorb in them but will have to stop and start.

While this initially is frustrating it is part of the process of having time to think about the different forms that are "almost finished", with more often than not the restriction of not having the time yeilds a more considered result.


Mood Wood said...

Hi Mark,

As you say this may be nothing 'new' but why does it have to be new when it's so clearly elegant and beautiful.

This is another very nice piece of craftmanship as usual, the form is elegant, the texture is subtle and the finial is thoughtful.

Nice 1 mate.



George Foweraker said...

Another very nice piece it will look good in my cabinet.

Mood Wood said...

Hi Mark,

Well done on the WOW cover, a seriously fine piece of creative turning.




Mark said...

Hi Lee and George

Thank you for your comments and interest.

I enjoy making these very much and am going to explore these a bit further.