Thursday, 7 July 2011

Good day

But then isn't every day.!

Well it was 0600 this morning up and about getting the work shop ready, not that this is early as I am generally about at this time. But it gives me some quiet time before my daughters wake up and an avalanche hits the house.

Took a few pictures this morning while I was having a cuppa. The light was very poor and the sparrows were some distance away which meant the zoom was needed, so light again become a problem, but the image stabaliser seems to have worked.

Taking pictures of birds/animals is very rewarding as I can not rush or get impatient, it is all about taking time and getting close to the birds and letting them get use to me. So it fits in well with trying to cultivate a creative mind, through observation and seeing things that I may not have intended. Mind you I am in no way an amazing wild life photographer with it only being a recent interest, and even that is only when I get some quiet time to myself.

Anyway, another student today for a bowl course. Teaching as I have mentioned before is very rewarding, I have to look in fine detail about the way I transmit information in the best way to suit each individual. So I learn as much about myself as hopefully the student does about woodturning.


Mood Wood said...

Birds, yi canny beat a we birdy! Gid photis Marcooooooo, L.

Mark said...

Hi Lee

Am I really going to be able to understand you guys when you come down or will I need an interpreter. :-).

Yes I enjoy bird photoraphy although only just starting out. Got some time out today so may try to do some more, although it is raining down here so may not venture out much.