Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Products

Just to let you all know I have added some more tools to my web sites of the Revolution range and other Crown tools to my web site. Items such as un-handle gouges etc to fit the Revolution system.

There will be more products added soon.


Mood Wood said...

Hi Mark,

Had a quick review of your site mate and I must say it's looking really professional and well stocked.

Hopefully it will help to drive more sales for you mate, maybe this will allow you more time to 'play' and explore the turning work that really drives you.

Great work and you should be well proud of your self.

Really looking forward to coming down btw, be great to spend some time with you and your family (and get some free tools.....LOLOLOLOL!!!)

Speak soon,


Mark said...

Hi Lee

Appologies for the delay in responding. Been busy with work of all things,must look at things and address the balance. But joking aside I am very busy which is great and things just seem to get busier and busier.

Thanks for the the comments. I do enjoy coming up with new designs but I also enjoy teaching just as much and this is what I am very busy with at the moment.

So seeing I enjoy it so much I have to say as I often do that "I don't work, I play all day instead"