Monday, 3 October 2011

Stone and Wood

Here is the textured form that I have been working on finished to include a lid, bead and finial.  The lid incorporates the same stone as the finial which was carved from a solid piece, you may recognise the carved stone form from from the last posting. The whole piece is around 6 inches diameter x 6.5 high

In the end I decided not to colour the body and to leave the natural carbon colour of the pyrography to show through to contrast with the wood. Some times I can over work a piece so often a minimalist approach is better for me,  I can then spend time looking at it and build/develop it in my minds eye for the next project.

The carving of the finial from stone was no more complex than carving  in wood, although there are a few different methods of working the material.

The finial will be replicated into a much larger organic sculpture out of either stone, wood or both and will be the starting point for my organic sculptures that I am going to continue making from long ago. originaly before taking up turning in a big way I produced numerous similar sculptures and have a new enthusiasm for dipping back into this.

Indeed this was how I came up with the carved wooden finials as a large sculpture would take me quite a while in comparison and I did not have the patience due to workin full time so a piece would take several weeks to complete. So I started making small carved finials as a way to keep my interest going with the carving.

Now I make for a living I can take as long as I like (within reason) and market towards a different customer base.

You can see from the  picture below that there are some lovely colours within the stone so I will be sourcing much larger pieces for carving in the future.

Here is the same piece on a neutral background so you can see it without distraction.

The form below is one of the numerous pure forms that I am finishing off so there will probably be quite a few more posted. It is around 5 inches diameter.

Will post some more of bits and pieces I am working on soon.

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