Friday, 7 October 2011


Today I have been working all day on the first of the new series of work I have been developing. Many hours have been spent on the carving and refining and quite a few more to go. In the above picture there is the addition of a fabricated/cut/sanding piece of wood which adds a different dimension to the piece.

Working on th first of any piece is as much a learning curve of "how to do it", as much as anything else. Often when making how I percieve I will make a piece changes as I go along with new ancillery tools being made to make the job easier.  Also while working on this piece a few more in the series have come to light which is an exciting feeling as I know that when I finish this piece I can get straight into the next which is already simmering in the back of my mind.

Hopefully post some more pictures soon when it is finished but ther is quite alot of work to do.

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Lee Robert Sneddon said...

Hey Buddy,

I'm so happy for you, you seem to have found a groove and you're really making some beautiful design and photographic choices.

Looking forward to how things pan out for you, I'd love to see you grow into a new direction with charisma and aplomb, get stuck in!

Aw the best,