Thursday, 20 October 2011

Trying to be organised

While waiting for the kettle to boil for a cuppa I thought I would update what I have been up to today. Generally when I am making and things are going well I do not stop all day other than for a few drinks to keep me hydrated. Food has to wait as a break can interfere with the thought processes involved in making. Also I have more than enough spare pounds to loose so to wait for the evening meal is no real hardship. !

Procrastination is one of my favourite past times. Coupled with this I am very easily distracted and so if I am making a piece and look up on the shelf and see something more interesting I will pick it up and work on it for a hour until I decide to do something else.

While this is conducive to a chilled out life style, it means that I have dozens of almost finished pieces. Due to the new galleries I thought I should be disciplined and work through some more of the forms I have on the shelf.

So today I finished a 11 inch high ash form ready for a lid and finial, made the lid, coloured it and started to produce the finial. In between doing this I prepared a base for a textured and coloured piece and sprayed it black, gold leafed a bead and finished the exterior of the main form. While one piece was drying I worked on another in a sort of conveyor belt system.

I even surprised myself with the amount of playing, I mean work I can do. :-).

All the pieces have to be finished and delivered to the gallery in Castle Carey, a short drive from me on Monday morning.. Some of the pieces will remain in the gallery near to me and some will go off to the other. 
So once the body of work is finished I can photograph the new pieces ready for the off. Complete the paper work and send them on their way.

Anyway kettle finished and a cuppa in hand so it is back out to the workshop.

I will post some pictures later if all goes well.


Well something important came up in that I forgot I was suppose be helping my 10 year old daughter make a book for a project she has been working on.  Captain James Cook is the subject so it was down tools and watch over her as she aged some paper using tea bags and the oven to dry them.  I did not therefore manage to get finished what I had intended but some things are more important. They only grow up once after all.

The picture at the top of the page is as yet not quite finished and will sit on a plinth/base, which currently is drying so hopefully will be hard enough to work tomorrow.

The large form here is ash around 12 inches dia x 12 inches high and was roughed out some years ago, ( yep one of the pieces I have been meaning to finish for several years now), I told you I liked to procrastinate, :-) , well, things do get in the way. :-)

The piece once finished will and include a lid and finial.

Then once all of these pieces are finished it is on to another sculptural design that has been sketched up and some variations of my latest work and some other ideas which have been sitting my sketch book for, ummm, a while.

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George Foweraker said...

Crikey you have been busy.