Saturday, 1 October 2011

Fruit full few days

Yesterday I I decided to start finishing some of the eighty odd unfinished forms that I have in my workshop as several galleries are chomping at my heels to produce more work.

So the piece at the top was finished with the main form being made from spalted silver birch measuring around 280 mm dia x 220 high.  It has an Anjan lid and carved finial with brass bead.  Haven't made any of these for a while as I had interests in other work. But needs must so I am finishing some off.

But I doubt I will make many more pure forms such as this as I prefer now to add texture etc.

Also started working carving stone which is an enjoyable change to wood and I expect I will be working in it more and more.

This piece is not very large and an experiments for bigger pieces to see how the tools that I have work or not as I have found in some instances.


George Foweraker said...

Hi Mark.
About time you finished all those pieces lying unfinished about the place.
What sort of stone are you carving?

Lee Robert Sneddon said...

It makes me happy to be your Friend, I hope you and Liz are having a great celebration too.

Really lovely work Mark and I am privelidged to get a few of it here. Great to see a change in direction too, another leap of faith into an exciting, creative time.

Much kindness,

Buddha Dude.

Mark said...

Hi George

Thanks for dropping by. Couldn't tell you what sort of stone it is as I found it on the beach while having a day out.

Mark said...


Thanks for the comments. Changing direction isneeded as I get bored very quickly if I am not challenged by what I do. Just producing work in bulk when it is no challenge is for my way of working an empty process.

I am hoping eventually that wood will be only part of what I work in as I am wanting to go down a much more of a mixed media route including stone glass wood and metal. It will take a while as it means more tools etc but I will get there.

Thanks again for dropping by.