Friday, 27 January 2012

Axminster Tools, Nuneaton, Saturday 28th January

As mentioned a few posts back tomorrow I will be at Axminster Nuneaton together with other clubs and demonstrators so if you are in the area it would be good to meet up with some old friends or make some new ones, so come and say hello.

I will take my camera and see if I can get a few pictures of the day, but if it is anything like the last one it will be busy.

The picture at the top was taken a few days across the fields from my home. An amazing red sky in the early evening. Thought it might brighten up the page. 


Lee Robert Sneddon said...

Hi Mark,

Hope you have an enjoyable day and it's not too tiring.

Take care,


Mark said...

Hi Lee

It was a great day, met lots of decent folk, Richard Findley popped by which was nice although I was quite busy so not a lot of time to talk.

Some good networking done and people helped with their tooling issues.