Saturday, 14 January 2012

Creative Painting

There is a thirst within the woodturning forums which has been growing over time for knowledge and techniques for colouring, texture and how to create the more unusual turnings.

This is pleasing to see as letting go and making creatively to express ourselves is a wonderfully enjoyable process. Having the ability to draw on many varied techniques enables us to make new pieces but also we find that new interests and subjects are found that point us in a totally new direction that had not been anticipated, adding further to the excitement of the process. Making soon becomes an unknown process with the end result often having evolved along the way.

Many people ask, as I did when investigating new ideas, how certain techniques are achieved. While initially I was shown some techniques I was taught to investigate and to find through experimenting how to achieve the effects I was after. It may be a technique from painting such as making crackle paint from PVA glue and artists acrylics painted over a textured surface or by seeing what happens when we heavily scorch different types of wood both have been widely used but can be adapted to our own style of working.

Every now a then from this experimenting we may find methods that are totally new to us.

Often using the most simple of methods and materials can achieve the most dramatic of effects.

The link here is of Holton Rower an American sculptor/Artists who's work is amazing and shows what can be achieved with simple materials and a creative mind.

Holton Rower artist video

Holton Rower Web Site


Lee Robert Sneddon said...

Hi Mark,

When we start to look at all of the creative possibilities with any material we begin to realise that the opprtunities are endless.

So many techniques can be applied in our chosen field and it's great to have people open to sharing and exploring these ideas together.

You've been creating some wonderful work lately and long may it continue.

Aw the best,


Mark said...

Hi Lee

You are right the possibilities are endless and only generally restricted by out imagination. I spend more time now researching techniques from other disciplines such as traditional sword and Japanese basket making. Textile, print and sewing techniques, so many ideas and skills to learn and tap into.

It is also a great deal of fun learning new skills and seeing how they can fit in with my work.

Thank you for the compliments on my work. Hopfully I will get round to finishing some of them but soon I have to hit the keys and finish the book so this will take up most of my time for the next few months.

Take care