Sunday, 8 January 2012


This week I had an enjoyable day teaching which is one of my favourite parts of what I do, on top of all the other very enjoyable processes I am involved in.

Apart from this I have been busy processing wood from my wood store to reduce the amount of space being taken up.

Although using green wood is a great way of saving money, as well as being a good source of wood that can be processed in the exact way I want the grain to be orientated it does take up a lot of room to store. So I have been processing large logs into hollow form blanks and square sections.

Yes this takes time and effort but on average 40% of any trunk/log will end up as waste so this means 40% less space where it is stored. Fine if you have the luxury of having a field or large industrial unit but not so good when space is short.

Also by processing a blank into the round on the band saw is much quicker than actually roughing it down to the round when it is out of balance.

This has been the content of my week so far, that and a few more minutes designing new pieces and some macro photography for reference of textures.

The pictures here are of shells I have picked up at the beech.  Some are of broken shells no larger than 10-25mm in length and have been photographed as close as possible so that I can see what normally I can not see.


George Foweraker said...

Hi Mark.We do not have too look far to see amazing textures they are all around us in nature as you have demonstrated.

Lee Robert Sneddon said...

Hi Mark,

Nice collection of macro images.

It's great to be able to see more detail thanks to the benefit of digital images.

When it comes to turning these images into a usable texture, more detail is what you need and some of these images are full of ideas and inspiration.



Mark said...

HI Lee

Glad you like them. You may see the texture of the shell lines in one of my last pieces, ( the pyro'd lidded form with the carved stone finial).

Hope your well.

Take care