Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Out there somewhere

These 3d generated creatures are the result of manipulating random shapes with a view of designing new pieces as previously mention in my blog. Using computer software is not new to me as having initially qualified as an engineer CAD, CAM were programs I used on a regular basis as were programs such as Art Cam Pro which is a vector rendering program where I could take a picture of a persons face and with the press of a few buttons and careful rendering could produce a 3d carving of the persons face as well as other projects such as a 3d vine winding around a wooden pillar as large as you like,  with detail that only a computer can produce. Some in the hand carving world will say I am wrong of course.

Also I had the facility of a 3d copier into which a small object, say a coin or piece of jewellery could be placed. The machine being started with a ultra fine stylus tapping increments of ..005 or .1 of a mm until a complete 3d model of the item which could then be rendered and sent to the 3 axis CAM router which could then produce the piece to any size in sections.

Unfortunately this software some nine years ago was nearly £4000 excluding the price of a £20,000 3 axis router, but there are other options which are much cheaper.

So all this technology begs the question why do we bother to use hand tools anymore, and can going digital make us better makers/creators.

 Firstly whether we use computers, machines or make by hand is only relevant in relation to the costs involved and the speed and enhancement of the process, it does not take over the process itself. Obviously very few of us can afford such expensive machine for business let alone for a hobby, but most of these machines are designed to save time and to work alone without a maker, with the skill being in the designing and programming.

Despite having these machines and software if the creative knowledge is not readily available from the user then no amount of money or technology will help, this I have found to be the case having worked in such an environment.

However looking at  both traditional and modern ways of working and being creative are very helpful, so these renderings are part of this process but not the end result, and just me playing around coming up with creatures that may or may not  be "Out there Somewhere".

Have a look through the ART Cam web site and look at some of the people using it and what they make. Does using such software mean they are cheating or just using their minds to creative via a different route. ?

I know what I think, and looking to the future, or technology is the route for me to go as it is a very useful tool but we still need the foundation of creativity to be able to benefit from it.

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