Thursday, 19 July 2012

A bit of progression

 But recently I have been clearing out my workshop, having a move around for a new compressor and finally finishing some of the 100 seasoned pieces I have had sitting around on shelves for a long time. Some of these were previously finished but I have now decided to have a clear out. Get those pieces which are suitable to galleries and getting rid of the not so good pieces.  I have to smash them up as my friend that I send my off cuts to for his wood burner has a habit of salvaging my crap pieces for his home much to my disapproval.

In between finishing bowls etc I have been working on the piece shown in a previous post.

The main carving was finished some time ago and I have decided instead of texture it I want it to be perfectly smooth so that every part flows into the next. This has thrown up some minor problems in that I have had to make some small sanding arbours out of high density foam and old Dremel bits. But thy are working well and slowly the piece is moving towards its end. ( Probably another 6 months should see it finished as I can not dedicate the time to it at the moment).

Also I have started working on a few more sculptures using the previous offset/multi axis turning experiments. On this occasion I again cut up and glued a block before turning. However I am still not sure that this is the best way to go about it and may have to produce a few jigs for cutting it up at various stages.

 This one is in natural oak, again I am not sure where it will go except that I want it to be a smooth, sensual organic form that is as nice to touch as it is to view. Hopefully but will have to wait until I have cleared all the bowls and hollow forms.  


G.Watkins said...

that first pic looks great Mark

Mark said...

Hi George

Thanks for your interest. I hope you are well and keeping busy.

It is an interesting piece to work with and is just a play piece to give my creative side a release fro mtime to time.

Would love to spend more time doing such work.