Sunday, 8 July 2012


 Recently I have decided to reduce the amount of demonstrations I attend. This is due to family commitments and a change in working set up. 

Evening demonstrations will from 2013 will be attended if only within 50 miles radius of Gillingham of and full day demos within 100, with the total number of demonstration through out the year being greatly reduced .

When I left my last career it was due to me wanting to spend time with my family and to pursue a vocation in wood. Recently I have been asked to attend more and more full day and evening demos which is wonderful, but I have found that I am spending too much time away from home and less with my family and even less developing my work. 

The amount of making time I get in the workshop producing gallery and commission work has slowly been reduced, as such I have decided to get back to basics, spend more time with my family and persue/devolpe ideas that had been on hold for the last year or so.


Lee Robert Sneddon said...

One of the best decisions you've made in a long time, it doesn't cost a penny but is ultimately priceless.

Pud said...

sounds like a good idea family is so important

Mark said...

Hi Lee and Pud

My wife and I swapped roles many years ago so that I could pursue my vocation. It has gone well and I have achieved a lot within woodturning but as with everything there is a reverse side. My eldest is off to top school soon and my youngest in the next couple of years. I have been with both of them and watch them grow through the ups and downs but recently have been working too much at weekends and in evenings and missing things so it was time to change the way I work.

Thank you for comments.

Rosemary said...

It's good to reflect on what we really want to be doing. The "chatter" of life can take over sometimes.

Mark said...

Hi Rosemary

Yes you are right. I was starting to feel like I was nearing the tread mill again and losing the enjoyment of life and making.

Hope you are well.

chris hill said...

I`m glad you are going to get the balance back, put the joy back in
cheers Chris

Mark said...

Hi Chris

Thanks for your comment.

It is good to self access from time to time as we can slowly end up down a different path than initially intended without realising.

See you soon.