Wednesday, 4 July 2012

New Work

Having not posted any physical work for some time I thought I would show a prototype of some new sculptural/turned work that I have had rattling around in my mind for the last few months.

After visiting the Needles at the Isle of Wight and  seeing the rock formations and dramatic shapes within them I started thinking about how I could integrate this into my sculptural work. Often I keep things in my head while I muse over them for many months.

Having mind in which I can visualise a piece right down to the finest of detail, I now rarely sketch ideas as I can not record with a pencil what I have in my mind. I have found in the past that having a drawing can restrict me in trying to stick to it so I prefer working in the moment and just let pieces develop.

The picture here is of a small piece being made to test the techniques and methods needed to actually produce a piece physically. I often find this is the more challenging part of the process as I never worry or consider how I am going to make something while I consider the initial idea, this I also find restricts me greatly. After all if I am worried about how I am going to make something then often I will pull back my ideas to accommodate my technical ability, and this is too restrictive for the way I like to work.

The piece was turned from 4 x 4 building pine multi, carved and sprayed white so that I can concentrate on the form and not the grain. There is a lot of work to do before it is mounted on a plinth of some type. But so far it is working out better than I anticipated.

More pictures to come as it progresses.


George Foweraker said...

It will be good to see the end result.

Mark said...

I'm not going to show you the end result. I am going to keep it a secret. :-)

Rosemary said...

Ooh, these look interesting Mark. I am reminded of the different types of vertebrae we used to draw in school biology classes.

Mark said...

Hi Rosemary

Thank you for your comment. Yes they do look like vertebrae.

Having gotten to the stage of re-assembling the parts I have found that by splitting them up I can produce several small sculptures out of the one piece.

This was by pure chance that I found this and has taken me along another route which I was not intending.

I will take some pics later to show. It certainly is a fun process and I am gettng hooked on the excitment of not knowing exactly how the piece will look until I join it back together.

I hope you are well. Take care